Boobies and Loubies

Enema phone sex

I knew my bosses deep dark secrets he loved enema phone sex and liked to dress up. This was one of the first families I worked for. I was able to scam so much money out of them it was quite sick. The husband was closet cross dresser who treated me like shit. He must of been real jealous that I was a sexy young blonde and he would never be able to be at my level. It was so obvious that he was longing to be a women. If his wife found out he would be screwed and it would hurt his chances of winning the mayor election. I was able to blackmail his ass into supplying me with new boobs and plenty of loubies. I love louboutin always have. I was able to get some new boobies that looked so perfect. It felt good knowing I had this moody motherfucker eating from the palms of my hands. I also made sure he raised my salary and paid all my shopping sprees. since he was a fashionista behind closed doors he must of known how essential this was.

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