I Love Selling Her Cunny

bald shaved pussy

Every man needs some bald shaved pussy in his life.  So when My tiny brat was naked running in the yard I stripped down too and had the sprinklers on full blast. I guess you could say we were advertising sweet bald mommy daughter cunts.  It was not long before I had a man pull up and offer to pay to watch me eat sweet young twat. I took his money and led him inside. He kept telling me what a nasty P-mommy I was. Then he wanted to pay to see my sons growing cock fuck my pussy and ass. I again took his money and he jacked off with my daughters’ help. Her tiny hands wrapped around his cock and offer her mouth for free. He threw some cash at me and told me he would do as he pleased with her cunny and I would not stop him because he paid to play. Who am I to deny his cock pleasures after all I am a submissive phone sex whore.  I would do anything with my brats for a little cash and pussy dripping fun.

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