Big Trouble with Daddy

Daddy Phone Sex

I am in big trouble with my Daddy. He caught me masturbating without his permission and now I’m not allowed to touch my cock hungry little pussy for a month.

What do I do now? I can’t break his rules and my body is aching to, cheap phone sex,  cum, however I will admit that I’m a fan of delayed gratification. It’s as if I need somebody to tie my hands to the bedpost or behind my back to keep me from sliding my greedy paws up into my dripping wet panties.

Isn’t there a way around this? Can’t you help this desperate, submissive whore? Aren’t you hungry for some sweet, smooth pussy? I’d cum all over that tongue of yours.

It’ll be our little secret though. Do with me what you will. I know you have some demented fantasies of your own. Tell me about them. Tell me while I’m not allowed to play with my cunt to your sexy voice.

Would you turn me into a rope bunny, too? Would you leave lashings all over my ass? Make me gag on that cock of yours as the drool dribbles down my face and my makeup smears, whilst looking up at you with a mouth full.

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