Best babysitting job ever

kinky phone sexI started a new job yesterday babysitting for this new family in town. The mom spends a lot of time out of town for her job so the dad needs someone to stay at their house during the day so he can do his job too. I got there early in the morning and the mom was rushing out the door to head to the airport but the dad was still in his bathrobe just sitting at the table drinking his coffee. He told me that the little ones were on the way to school already and what he needed me to take care of that morning was him. He opened up his robe and showed me that his cock was rock hard and gestured for me to touch it. I was kinda surprised that he would be so bold like that on my first day but I’m not gonna lie, it turned me on. He was a sexy daddy and his dick was big and fat so I got right down on my knees and sucked it balls deep down my throat. I sucked that big cock until his legs were shaking and he was pumping it uncontrollably down my throat. I milked every drop of cum from that cock and swallowed it all and you know what? He paid me for the whole day plus a big fat tip and I never even had to watch his little ones at all! I think I’m gonna love this job.

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