I Dressed Him Up

Fetish Phone SexMy office job has become monotonous, so I have ventured out to some side hustles. My friend turned me on to these perverts who want you to dress them like little sissies. Degrading a man is just what this old broad would love to do and getting paid is just a bonus. So, I took out an ad in Craig’s List and in no time my email was blowing up with these men begging to become sissy girl slaves. On advice I hit up the thrift stores for some items, panties, bras, garters and girdles and such. I could barely contain my excitement as I met up with my first client. He was a stout fellow, but I had just the perfect outfit for him. I put him in some thigh highs, garters, bra and a panty type thing. I made sure to pull his cock and ball sack out, so it was on full display. His tits even filled up the bra. He looked hilarious but I wasn’t done just yet. I grabbed my makeup bag and went to work on his sissy face. I applied pink glittery lip gloss, some blue eyeshadow and bright pink blush. I even had a set of fake eyelashes for him. Then I had him stand in adorable poses as I took pictures of my masterpiece. I could see a wet spot forming on those panties, so I just upped his final price and let him wear them home. I did bend him over my knees and give him a spanking for messing in his panties though. He is scheduled again for next week. Wonder what I will have in store for him then.

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