Bad girls have the most fun

fantasy phone sex

You know I’m all for fantasy phone sex. The saying is true bad girls have the most fun. I should be a good girl and not let my fantasies get the best of me. Then again why would I want to be a good girl when I can be bad? If I feel like I should get a nice big cock I should. Even if it’s my mom‘s new boyfriend, plus who told her to get with someone closer to my age than hers? You can’t blame a girl like me who is freshly 19 and feeling that 26-year-old stud who is the family’s trainer. Daddy has no idea that mommy has a little boyfriend on the side. Mommy caught me with her boy toy; she was furious that I was getting dirty with him.  She couldn’t do anything about it because, honestly, if daddy found out she was a little cheating slut, she would lose it all in a divorce settlement.  have a flood, and watch me get fucked by her big dick boyfriend. Mommy, watch me suck his cock; so fucking Good. She even cleaned up the sperm out of my cunt

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