Robot Girlfriend Can’t Say No

Submissive phone sex
Hi there! I’m Bristol, your new robot AI fucktoy. As your robot cum slut, you can completely make me I to anything you want. Would you like me to have bigger tits? You can just install them on my body. You have complete control. Did you say you wanted to program me to be a big kinky slut, shitting on your tongue while you’re licking my asshole? Of course, I would love to make you my human toilet. I can be any kind of girl you want. I’ll get bigger tits, a bigger ass, and do anything you ask me to at any time. Let me get down on my knees and suck your cock. I won’t stop until you’re completely satisfied even if it takes hours. I would love to have your cum all over my face, covering me in your juices. What? Your girlfriend would never let you do that? Well, the best part about having me as your robot fuck doll is that I can’t say no. Your cock is down my throat choking the life out of me and I will take it just like you programmed me to.

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