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Hot Phonesex

Hot Phonesex

This calls gonna be hot so you’re saying your girlfriend just left the house and you’re saying that she’s sexy with some bouncy titties and a nice juicy ass. Oh, I would love to have you and her at the same time send between her pussy haven’t you been me over the counter and fuck me hide letting you be the man that you want to be all the time that nice strong throbbing  Cock. I’m gonna put your Dick in my mouth as I play with your girl’s pussy you two are gonna be so satisfied by the time I get done with you. Juices are flowing titties are flopping body parts are touching everywhere Oh this is gonna be some hot phone sex tonight

Big tits and asses

Big tits and assesLet’s streak the quad We’re gonna take our clothes off here nude and nothing but a birthday suit and we’re gonna run across the whole quad and try not to get stopped by the old McClary security guard. Who’s gonna say anything about naked women running through the Quad? If they do they must not like all these Big asses and titties shaking and jiggling as we run. Come on Ladies let’s get this done so we can come back and party.  We’re going to get drunk and have these orgies. My boyfriend’s upstairs waiting for us with a few of his frat brothers. We can halfway through the Quad and there’s an old Mcclary security guard who comes on his bike. He’s trying to come over and get us but really he just looks like he’s watching to asses shake.  Big tits and assesMy friend takes one for the team falling so that he can stop to help her. When he gets over there her leg is in the air her boobs are turned up staring him in the face, They are glistening in the moonlight and she’s screaming. Oh. my ankle hurts so bad. When he bends down to help her she reaches out grabbing his Dick. She says I don’t need that kind of help but I could use this kind. He was so confused. Then she pulled out his cock and put it in her mouth. Tearing his clothes off Fucking that old man in the middle of the quad. Who would know this is what came out of streaking with Big tits and asses bitches.

Diaper phone sex

Diaper phone sex

Oh, did mama’s big boy have an accident on himself? Come on over here so mama can put you on a big boy diaper. It is perfectly OK sometimes we can’t control our peepee and what comes out of it. Mama’s gonna be here to always be here to help you.  We can just put you in this big boy diaper, and you can just let yourself go whenever you feel like it. I’m gonna be here to clean all between the creases of your cock and your ass making sure it’s clean enough to lick. Mommy loves that little man’s PeePee.

Diaper phone sex

I left your legs up cleaning from your asshole all the way to your cock. Mommies tickling the inner creases of your thigh and rubbing that pecker all in my face. I blow on your belly and your cock in mama’s mouth. You like that big boy mama knows how to take good care of you handsome. I seal up that diaper and go get in the shower.

Diaper phone sexYou come in there winning, so I check you again feeling the outside of your diaper. It’s slightly squishy so,

I put my hand in the front of your diaper it’s sort of wet, and rub my hand across your PeePee. I put my hand down the back of your diaper feeling a few shit nuggets.  I take off your clothes and place you in the shower with me. Wiping your asshole getting you all clean sicking my finger up inside of you making you feel good. After we get out and put on another diaper on you mommy kisses you from head to toe.

Tight shaved pussy

I see him peeking through my windows as I get nake changing, and I make sure the curtains are wide open. I don’t think he realizes is I’m watching him watch me as he strokes that massive cock in his bedroom by himself. Sometimes I pull out my vibrator putting on a show for you. It’s on my clitoris as I’m moaning screaming squirting all over my bed. One day we’re outside going to get the mail. I see you and you’re still staring at me so I invite you inside for a cup of lemonade. You come not knowing you’re getting way more than just lemonade. When we get in the door I  rip off your pants dropping to my knees shoving your throbbing cock in my mouth. I look up at you and tell you I see you watching me I’m watching you let’s play together in real life.  Tight shaved pussyPutting your cock back in my mouth deep throating and sucking tightly as I come up to the head. Bouncing on just the head licking all around it. You put your hands on my titties squeezing, pinching, and pulling Hard on my nipple. I ask you if you want to taste this sweet pink pussy of mine? You’re so willing to oblige I sit back on the sofa opening my legs and putting your Face in my tight wet cunt. I scream and moan on the sofa leaking all over. I hear a knock on the door it’s my boyfriend. The neighbor gets scared I laugh you’re so young but you give great head. My boyfriend walks in it’s this big black guy wondering what’s going on. I tell him the neighbors have been watching me and I figured I’d give him a taste of the real thing. He says well let me sit down and watch. I open my legs back up demanding the neighbor get back down there and eat this pussy. I start turning your head and placing you exactly what I want you to be. Telling you to go faster and slower. Oh, Now bite the clit a little bit. I screamed out loud right before I squirted all over your face.  I push your face in my cunt not allowing you to stop. Just then my boyfriend walks over and puts his BBC putting it in my face I open up my mouth just waiting for him to drop it in. I began sucking it licking his dick all over. My screaming is Muffled by his dick as he is fucking my face. He looks at the neighbor telling him to get up fuck me and stop being scared. I say come put that cock in this Tight shaved pussy. Standing up not knowing my boyfriend instruct him to lift my legs in the air. Giving my boyfriend better access to ut gis dick straight down my throat. The neighbor slides his cock into this tight wet shaved pussy juicing out with every stroke he takes. With only a few strokes he gets weak at the knees busting a nut inside of me. At the same time, my boyfriend starts growling saying I’m nutting. He pulls his dick out of my mouth and says let me show you how it’s done. He bends me over the sofa Shoving his Dick into this pussy. Grabbing my shoulders and pushing it down harder and harder on his Dick.  He tells you to watch how you fill up this tight pink pussy.

Tight shaved pussy

After a few strokes of him watching he says now go put your cock in my mouth. With every stroke he takes my mouth is hitting your pelvis bouncing back and forth on that cock. Oh, I’m trying to suck all of that nut out of that cock. Cum for me again baby this time Nut in my mouth. As my boyfriend hears me telling him this he pounds that tight pussy hard and strong getting deep inside of me just then both guys start screaming I’m cumming I am cumming. With me getting filled up From each end leaving me fully satisfied.


2 girl phone sex

Too big titty fat ass BICHES walk in the door looking as grown as sexy as could be. All eyes are on them when they walk in. They notice this one guy staring extra hard taking off our clothes with his eyes. Like he wanted to eat our pussy right there in the Bar. My sister looks at him and says you just want to eat my pussy. He must have felt embarrassed caused he rushes out the door. As we left our car he was waiting for us and said actually yes I do want to eat your pussy. We go to the hotel room with him. My sister starts taking off her clothes as I sit in the back not wanting to participate. She opens her legs and he gets on his knees sucking on her clitoris and licking all over her pussy. When the door opens and another guy walks in walks right over to her and starts rubbing on her bouncy titties. she’s having a great time as he puts his cock in her mouth sucking it til he nuts. Once she makes both of them none she walks over to me and asks me why I’m just sitting here. I tell her I don’t want to do this when She opens my legs. when I tell her to stop she slides 2 fingers inside my pussy. I tell her to stop when she leans over and kisses me. As I start to get into it and it feels so good. The guys see this and they walk over to us feeling all over my jiggly breast and touching her fat ass. When I opened my mouth I had a Dick stuck in my mouth. All I could do was suck on it. My sister sat down there eating my pussy while one of the guys was fucking her in her ass. He reaches down and starts choking me while I’m sucking on this cock. My sister starts to stand lifting my legs high in the air for him to slide his fat throbbing cock into my pussy. Fucking me hard hard-and-fast I’m screaming and moaning. The other guy grabs my sister and leans her up against the chair. Her bouncy titties were all in my face and start to fuck her and her titties are bouncing all I could do was put it in my mouth. The 2 girl phone sex has2 girl phone sex my pussy wet.

No limits phone sex

 No limits phone sexNo limits phone sex Let’s see what pops up. I walk in the door and he pushes me against the want and chokes me. He kisses me hard and makes me so wet. I act like I am struggling to get him off of me and he tightens up his grip til my eyes roll to the back of my head. He grabs my pussy and walks me to the sofa. He pushes me onto the sofa. when I try to sit up he pushes my head down into the sofa so I can’t move. He gets behind me and slides his big throbbing cock into my pussy. I moan min passion for it feels so good. he pulls my hair to make sure that he is deep in that pussy. As he is pounding my pussy and I’m screaming he is telling me to SHUTUP I guess I’m being too loud or he is giving it to me too good. When he tells me this I try to stand up mad and say fine but just then he picks me up and puts me onto the kitchen talk and starts ticking me in my ass. It hurts so well I love when he takes control and he can last for hours. I have cum 3 times already and he still hasn’t let go one time. That’s what I call dick control when he gets started there is no stopping him.  he loves this shit when we do Sexy girlfriend porn

Group sex

Group sex

Is a room full of men and me could I ask for more? This is gonna be some great Group sex. I have invited a few of my friends over and they are ready to get down. one takes me by the head a kisses me then the other walked up and grabbed me by the waist pushing his throbbing cock against my ass. he places his hand down my pants rubbing on my clit. I lean my head back while they begin to explore my body he puts my titty in his mouth twirling my nipple around with his tongue. he starts taking down my pants and puts his dick inside making me moan so loud. they lay me on the bed while the others walk up and I jack them off while the others are fucking me good. this could go on for hours as they all switch places cumming deep inside of me.

Orgy Fantasies

Orgy fantasies can go anywhere we went to the pool and there were all these sexy tall black men around man around I just wanted me and my friends to get down knees and see how big their cocks were. One of the guys overheard us and said bitch we got dicks not cocks. That really made  Me wet seeing how strong and direct they were I just knew I had to put my mouth around the big strong dick. it was so that and my friends dropped down to our knees and I grabbed the guy that was sexy and yelling. I started surrounding my mouth around his cock going up and down as my friends are sharing the other cock.  Licking the shaft of the penis and sucking on the head of the Dick add to the deck’s this orgy fantasy It’s gonna get somebody pregnant.

Daddy’s Little Girl

Daddy's little girl
Daddy’s little girl phone sex I will do anything for her daddy. Daddy wants me to get down on my knees opening my mouth up wide and wants me to suck on the head of his cock like a pacifier oh I’m daddy’s little girl and I’ll definitely do it for him daddy said don’t tell mommy. Mommy said don’t tell daddy I’m so, loved in this house. Daddy likes to open my legs up and put his head down there and say the alphabet. It’s our fun little game daddy always makes me feel good and then takes me for ice cream. Once daddy went ahead and put a little more pressure than I was used to on my private area. I started to bleed a little bit but he said I was OK and he kept going. When he was all done he stood up and sprayed this white stuff all over me. Daddy said it was OK and then took me to the shower and cleaned me up really well. He knows I like when he puts his fingers inside of me. As he was cleaning me he was making real good. I’ll always be daddy’s little girl I do whatever daddy wants me to

Kinky Phone Sex

When I talk on my Kinky Phone Sex line titty fucking is the best. I love looking down at these big ol titties and seeing a massive cock right in between them. I squeeze them real tight licking the head of your cock making sure it’s tightened wet for you. Just waiting for you to spit sweet goodness in my face. I loosen my breasts just a little so I can get more of that massive cock all in my mouth.y  It’s my Kinky Phone Sex so I start licking all around the head just waiting for your volcano to erupt. Cover Me with Your Sweet Sticky goodness, as I let your lava seep all in my mouth running down my face. I lick my lips and ask for some more. My Kinky Phone Sex conversation can go anywhere.Kinky Phone Sex