A Lunchtime Playdate

fetish phone sexOur new accounting guy shyly came into my office to ask if I may have some time for him at lunch. I knew what he meant and told him I would be happy to meet with him. I had a cute outfit picked out just for him. I smiled because I knew this would be easy and fun for me. I got my bag out of the car with just the right stuff for him. A little before lunch I sent him an email telling him I had left him a surprise in a glittery pink bag in the bathroom. He was to put the outfit on before coming to my office. A few minutes later I heard the bathroom door shut and just the thought made my old ass pussy get soaking wet. Next, I heard that unmistakable sound of heels walking down the hall. He knocked on my door and I waited a few minutes before answering, I wanted the rest of the office to witness my cute little project. I then stood up and opened the door and there he stood in thigh high fishnets, heels and some pink satin panties with the tip of his cock already peeking out. I invited him in and had him stand so I could admire my work. I pulled the panties down so that thick dick would be on full display. Of course, I grabbed my wooden spoon and started paddling his pale bottom until it was a nice shade of pink and pre-cum dripped from the head. I then sat on the edge of my desk, pulled up my dress exposing my pantiless pussy and told him to pleasure me. He walked over, dick still sticking straight out and hard as a rock. I grabbed his head and buried it between my legs. I didn’t let him up until I had came all over his face. I then sat him in a chair and videoed as he jerked himself off. He made quite a mess in his pink panties. I handed him a towel and told him how cute he looked. As he left, I instructed him to keep that outfit on all day under his suit and that I would be checking. He started getting hard again. Such a freaking pervert.

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