Red Heads

Our phone sex call last night was so fucking hot. I came so so hard! You said I reminded you of a girl you used to fuck, a friend of your daughter’s. Young, tight, red head. Smooth skin. Tight ass. I rode your cock and called you daddy. I loved the way you owned every single one of my holes. You loved grabbing my red hair in your fist and forcing it down on your cock over and over with tears in my eyes and running down my cheeks. I know you loved cumming inside my tight pussy, ready to impregnate me. You want to nut inside my cunt and own my body. Have my breasts fill and my stomach stretch. You want to breed this hot young red head.
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  1. Able

    my fav red headed slut

  2. Travis

    Fire in your eyes and wet pussy for me between your legs. Love your pics.

  3. Jesse

    You look so damn sexy in those pantyhose.

  4. justin

    you’re the hottest phone sex i’ve ever had.

  5. jordie

    love this blog

  6. dexter

    Call me daddy and let me own every single one of your holes baby.

  7. shane

    mmmm I want some of that!

  8. Timothy

    You are a very bad girl and you need a bare bottom spanking.

  9. Bud

    I loved our call too, thank u

  10. mike

    love it!

  11. Ben

    Hot voice

  12. Danny

    Mercedes I would love to fill all of your holes.

  13. Red

    You remind me of someone too, you can ride my cock and call me daddy

  14. Jake

    Red heads are the best cock suckers.

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