Happy Valentine’s Day

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Happy Valentine’s Day my freaky, freaky lover. I’ve been missing you so much you’re out there on the road driving your truck getting the job done making money for the family. You are my knight in shining armor always taking care of everything for me you make sure that I’m wearing my cutest silk nightgowns you make sure that I have my furry slippers and my fancy bubble bath. You always tell me how good I smell whenever you come in from out of town, and you can get close to me. I love turning you on sweetheart I love all of the presents and all of those singing telegrams that you got sent to my house they are really amazing. There’s one thing though I’m not as good of a girl as you think I am I’m wicked sometimes. I was terrible last night because I was so horny and you my love, were nowhere around to satisfy my sexual desires. I had to get someone else to please me I had to get him to suck my delicious what pussy and he’s so good at it. You know when I tell you that I’m all alone when you go out on the road I’m not exactly telling the truth I’m not really all alone I do have a few guys that come over and still in where you can’t be because you can’t be at all places at all times you know? I know that you believe your innocent little flower is waiting on you to come back every single time you leave and go out of town I know that you think I’m here crying hoping wishing and waiting for your return. That’s a nice thought to have, but like I said before it’s not entirely true, it’s off a little. My cunt gets so wet that when my friend comes over he dives inside of my squishy pussy and he jokes that he could drown in my pussy because it’s so wet. He fucks me right when you’re not here, and it feeds my insatiable appetite. The moral of the story is don’t worry sweetie I’ve always got a cock to fill me up. And on this Valentine’s Day, I’m going to be getting the full satisfaction and just so you can see I’m going to videotape the whole thing lover. Happy Valentine’s Day.



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