Valentine’s Day Treat

Hot phonesex

I’m a simple whore, really. Other women demand jewelry, roses, glitz and glamour but not I. I have a rather simple and easy request for Valentine’s Day. All I want is to be fucked hard by thick black cocks in all my holes, a nice 8-ball of coke and cum filled holes. What a nice treat right? The right cuck to make my Valentines wish come true would get his own special treat! Can you guess what it is? What is a better treat than licking my sopping wet, cum filled ass and cunt? Wouldn’t you just love to have a mouth full of multiple loads of black guys’ cum, oozing and dripping into your mouth? A hot gang bang whore like me would have plenty of cum for you to lick clean out of me if you fulfill my simple request. I know you have a full line of black guys just waiting to pump my tiny white girl holes with cum right?

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