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Hot PhonesexGet me alone and get me stoned, I get freaky as fuck when I have that delicious marijuana flowing through my blood stream. There’s a sign on his dick that says help wanted and I wanna be put to work! He told me that I better be up to par and if I want the job then I better follow through and get on it before someone else does! He knows I got that wilt tongue and he’s ready to use me up! These tits won’t suck themselves, I need him to give me his wet mouth as a helping hand, shall we say. Milk my nipples into your throat and drink down my boobie juice. I fuck so many randoms and get pregnant so many times, my tits are constantly filled with lactation juice and oozing out with fluids. He wraps his lips around my breasts and drinks me down to quench his thirst while we have hot phonesex together!

Ganbang on the beach

Group sexI went to the nude beach with my equally hott & slutty girlfriends & all the horny men were staring at us in our skimpy bikinis, per usual! We love the attention, it turns us on so fucking much! Of course we were fucked up and coked out & getting nasty with our hands all over each other while we sunbathed on the warm sand. I always want a dick down my throat no matter where the fuck I am so of course we were on the hunt for some fresh cock. We went up to a group of guys who were near us throwing the football and they were totally happy that we approached them. And of course too, they were all big black men with their cocks bulging out of their swim trunks. Our mouths were fuckin watering and thankfully they took us up on our offer for a group sex gangbang! It was quite a sight to see and lots of people were taking photos and videos of us while we all fucked each other. I looked so good as I bounced on their big dicks and took cock in every hole! Anything goes on a nudist beach, even a kinky orgy! They had so much cum for us, it’s like they had been saving it up for days! We were smothered in sperm by the time they were finished with us and we went right into the ocean to clean ourselves off after using it as tanning lotion for a few hours! No wonder I have such a good tan, lol.

Addickted to sex

Hot PhonesexDick dick dick dick dick, it’s all I can fucking think about and that’s why i’m constantly craving hot phonesex! I seriously have a problem, lol. I need fucking rehab but I refuse to fix myself! Yes, I am a true sex addict and I am happy to scream it from the rooftops! So many men wanna fuck this dirty little cunt of mine and I am more than willing to let each and every single one of them pound my fucking pussy. Cum cum cum cum cum, something else that I am way too fucking obsessed with!! Holy shit what the hell is wrong with me?! Haha some may view it as serious sexual addictions but I really see it as a good ass time. All of my drug dealers have me on speed dial because they know that i’m gonna hit them up at any moment for coke and hard cock. I blow through my drugs super fast and of course love getting dicked down all day long! I’m so fucking horny but what’s fucking new! I wanna squirt all over you and blast this vagina juice until you’re smothered & covered!

Kinky phone sex cum guzzler

Kinky Phone SexWhat better to have first thing in the morning than a big tall glass of freshly juiced cum straight from the cock that’s been fucking my pussy and asshole all night long! So delicious and so nutritious! In my opinion, there is no better way to start the day! Thankfully I have countless fuck buddies all of which explode massive cum loads out of their massive shafts so it makes it easy for me to literally have an endless supply of penis cream. My cunt and all those cocks are like the gifts that just keep on giving! Kinky phone sex is super fun but it’s all the more better when I have a fat & long schlong to choke on. A cup of cum with a side of dick, ugh it’s my favorite! No one sucks a big boner like me, I have quite the cocksucking cum guzzling reputation. 😉

Passed out in my panties

Hot PhonesexI was so drunk & high that I passed out in my bed during some hot phonesex while I was still wearing my dirty little panties! My pussy was so wet and discharge was oozing out of me all night long, the fabric of my underwear was totally soaked from my fluids oozing! You decided to take advantage of the situation since no one else was awake to see or hear, it would just be our naughty secret. You slipped into bed right up behind me and used your fingers to slip my panties to the side as you glided your thumb into my asshole and your middle finger into my slimy cunt slit. I began to squirm and softly moan as you played with me and it only made your cock harder. You were so turned on and my asshole was staring straight back at you just begging you to shove your tongue inside of it! You licked all over me and rimmed my poop chute as your slobber drained down my butt crack. Your dick was throbbing as you spread my booty cheeks open wide and dug even deeper up into my anal cavity. You have some very bad and very naughty urges & you cannot control yourself around me! You always hope your terrible fantasies for young submissive pussy will go away but they never do! You exploded your massive load of dick cream into a pair of my soiled g-strings and then licked it all up! I loved watching you clean up your sloppy spermy mess!

I love having phone sex with my brother

Phone sexI really do enjoy having phone sex with my naughty brother. He came into my room last night to talk to me and ended up having a sleepover in my bed with me, hehe. When he began to tell me the story about how I had come home drunk the other night, I started laughing because it was so funny. He checked on me after I passed out and he noticed that all I had on were some slutty panties. He claims that this has never happened before but I beg to differ. He slipped right up behind me and and pulled my panties to the side as he licked my asshole. His tongue shoved so deep up inside of me, I squirmed in my drunken slumber. He beat off his horny dick and spread my legs open wide as he layed me on my back like a fuckin slut. Now, my naughty brother has unstoppable urges and can’t get my skanky cunt off of his mind. He always thinks that getting dirty with me on the phone is gonna make his crazy fetishes go away when in reality he only becomes more addicted!

Hot phonesex pays the bills

Hot PhonesexEvery month, I have super hot phonesex with my landlord and he takes care of all of my rent and utilities. It’s a nice little deal that we have going on between the two of us. I suck and fuck his horny cock on a monthly basis and in return I don’t have to worry about any of my bills! Not only that, he’s also one of my drug dealers and since I suck his shaft so damn good, he always throws in a nice lil’ treat for me to bring home with me, lol. I love getting fucked up after getting fucked, it’s like the icing to the cake! I love having sex while i’m super coked out & under the influence. This juicy booty and fat titties of mine pretty much always get me anything that I want. My landlord is totally obsessed with my delicious pussy and even does lines of blow off of me when we’re having our nasty fun together. I’ll never ever have to worry about handing in a rent check all thanks to this skanky cunt of mine!

Daddy is a whore

Tight shaved pussyDaddy came home from work early today and walked in on me and my boyfriend naked in bed together. I thought that my Dad would be pissed off but instead he was super horny and turned on when he saw my tits, ass & tight shaved pussy completely exposed. My boyfriend has a huge cock and my Daddy knows it because i’ve told him! Plus, he has overheard me on the phone many times as I brag to my girlfriends about how deep I get dicked down by him on a daily basis. Daddy is bisexual and swings both ways and he is a sucker for a good anal fucking! I’ve never seen any man guzzle cum the way that my Dad does, he should win a trophy, haha! He loves being my nasty naughty whore and getting treated like a little slut while he gags on a thick & throbbing shaft.

In the mood to worship big dick

Tight shaved pussyI know that after a long day of work all you wanna do is score a touchdown with me! My mouth is sloppy wet and so is my tight shaved pussy. It’s all for you baby and I want you to indulge! Decompress and ejaculate all of your delicious cum inside of my slutty fuck holes. I want you to lick cocaine off of my nipples and give them a pinch when you’re done, hehe. I’m really a simple girl, I love big dicks and drugs! In fact i’m obsessed with both! I’m literally trying to grind on your dick until the sun rises, I can’t wait! Bend me over and lick my ass, I love a good rim job! I wanna choke on your penis and make it explode while it’s inside of my throat. Don’t I look so sexy with a fat cock between my sexy dick sucking lips?! Throbbing boners are my favorite! I wanna worship that delicious shaft all night long baby!

Small Dick Faggot Loser

Best phone sex linesMy Small Dick Faggot loser loves calling me up and telling me what a fat & slutty whore I am while I tell him to hurry up and masturbate his tiny penis harder and faster. Small Dick Faggot Loser loves big tits and asses, that’s why his coked out cock is so fucking horny for me all the damn time. His cum-filled testicles are pulsating and dying to erupt for me and quite frankly it’s fucking hilarious! The best part is when his tiny penis shaft attempts to explode a big load of cum but his little boner is way too pathetic and only squirts out a droplet of semen. I tell him to rub his sperm all over his sad excuse of manhood while he hurries and jerks himself even more quickly than before! Mind you, the entire time Small Dick Faggot Loser is attempting to orgasm, i’m on all fours with my face down and ass up high in the air taking nigger dick deep inside of my skanky cunt! I’m a mean bitch and I have no problem telling Small Dick Fagot Loser that he will never be worthy of this chubby twat of mine, and he knows it!

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