The rumors are true

Kinky Phone SexThe rumors are true, I have finally became a kinky phone sex operator! All of my clients from stripping and hooking have been urging me to get my ass on these dirty phone lines so that I can suck even more cock for some cash! I’m a nasty slut in person and I can deepthroat a mean dick so I mind as well make some fantasies come true so that I can feed my drug habit. I love getting fucked up before, during and after I have nasty sex. I stay coked out of my mind! Step into my world of sexual deviances and forbidden fetishes. I know exactly how i’m gonna make that throbbing fuckin cock explode! Let me snort a line of blow off of your nutsack so that I can feel my face go numb. Suck on my nipple rings and finger fuck this tight little cunt of mine, make me squirt my vagina juice all over you! I have a very bad habit of being a dirty little bitch, you’ll see! My parents kicked me out of their trailer a long time ago and i’ve been having to pimp my body out ever since! I think i’m gonna get myself in a whole lot of trouble while working on these naughty phone lines as a skanky phone sex whore!Phone sex whore

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