Ganbang on the beach

Group sexI went to the nude beach with my equally hott & slutty girlfriends & all the horny men were staring at us in our skimpy bikinis, per usual! We love the attention, it turns us on so fucking much! Of course we were fucked up and coked out & getting nasty with our hands all over each other while we sunbathed on the warm sand. I always want a dick down my throat no matter where the fuck I am so of course we were on the hunt for some fresh cock. We went up to a group of guys who were near us throwing the football and they were totally happy that we approached them. And of course too, they were all big black men with their cocks bulging out of their swim trunks. Our mouths were fuckin watering and thankfully they took us up on our offer for a group sex gangbang! It was quite a sight to see and lots of people were taking photos and videos of us while we all fucked each other. I looked so good as I bounced on their big dicks and took cock in every hole! Anything goes on a nudist beach, even a kinky orgy! They had so much cum for us, it’s like they had been saving it up for days! We were smothered in sperm by the time they were finished with us and we went right into the ocean to clean ourselves off after using it as tanning lotion for a few hours! No wonder I have such a good tan, lol.

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