Cheerleaders are so naughty

kinky phone sexI’m the captain of my high school’s cheerleading team, and we’re the naughtiest little teen sluts you’ll ever meet. To be on my team, you have to be a really nasty girl willing to do anything dirty or taboo. After a hard day of practice, me and the other girls like to have some really nasty fun in the gym locker rooms. All of us get in the shower and start soaping up our tight and sexy young bodies. Because I’m the cheer captain, all the other girls practically wait on me hand and foot. They fight over the chance to eat my pussy in the shower after practice. One girl buries her face between my thighs and starts to lick and suck my cunnie while i make out with another and she plays with my tits and sucks on my nipples. Having my tits played with always makes me so fucking wet. If they make me cum enough, sometimes I’m generous and return the favor and lick their pussies too. The boys on the football team have no idea that after practice there’s a big lesbian orgy in the locker room. If they did, they would be begging to join us. For now though, it’s our little secret.

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