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Family Whore

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For my birthday, my family decided to give me the best surprise present ever! I was now a young woman and it was time to be initiated as such. More importantly, my boyfriend was there to watch me become a young woman! He sat to the side of the room as my daddy, brothers, uncles- almost every single male member of my family tore my party dress off. They licked me from head to toe as I watched my boyfriend watching my family grope, rub my small perky tits and my bald pussy and ass! I got so wet watching him watching me be a filthy incest whore. My brothers licked my wet bald cunt while my uncles and daddy sucked on my puffy pink nipples. I sucked on all of their cocks nice and deep. Deepthroating my family’s cocks like an incest slut made my pussy dribble wet. My male family members shoved their thick cocks in every hole of mine! I moan and grinded my used holes all the way down their cocks, my eyes never leaving my boyfriend’s. I wanted him to see how much I love being my family’s gangbang incest whore! They filled my ass and pussy with multiple cocks, gaping my cunt wide open! I slurped on all of their precum dripping cocks while they passed my holes around and double penetrated my holes until they were gaping and sopping wet! They pounded my holes so hard while I worked my cousins and brother’s cocks begging for that creamy cum! My daddy and uncles pumped my stretched cream-pied filled holes until the cum foamed up and soaked my thighs with foamy cum! I took at least 15 shots of cum deep inside my ass and pussy! The best part and finale of this initiation was that my boyfriend was able to finish me off by plunging his cock in my used creamy, gaping pussy!

Take a Peek

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I know the whole neighborhood gets off on watching me sunbathe naked in my backyard. The truth is, I get off knowing every boy, man and even woman sneak a peek at my hot, tan naked body. The best part of knowing that I am being watched by multiple people is that I can give them a show whenever I feel like it. And today, I was feeling extremely show boaty! As soon as I sauntered into my backyard in nothing but a tight summer dress I felt eyes on me! I slipped that dress off nice and slow and made sure to bend over exposing my holes. I took it up a notch laying in my lounge chair pinching my nipples and rubbing my wet used cunt. I love getting on my knees on the lounge chair so that my holes are nice and visible for everyone to see. My fingers plunging away at my wet cunt and stroking my throbbing pussy. My fingers were so drenched with my pussy juices that they easily slipped into my asshole. Fucking my ass and pussy with both hands made me squirt all over the chair.

Kinky Whore

Kinky phone sex

Everyone has their dark kinky side. I may look like the trophy whore next door, but I promise you I have an even kinkier side. Whole gangbangs are fun and all, but sometimes I want something darker and kinkier. Sometimes I want to be chained up and fucked like a submissive whore. I love to be used like a little slave slut and forced to suck cock with my hands cuffed behind my back. I don’t mind being spat on, choked or whipped into submission. Your wish is my command. I want you to use my holes as you wish and make me your cum guzzling dumpster whore. Put me down on my knees and show me my place! Abuse and use my tight body! Why don’t you tie me up and invite your friends over to have their way with my body, make me their free use slut. I want to be passed around like your dirty fuck toy. Make them stretch my mouth, cunt and asshole. I want to be left welted, gaping and dripping with cum!

Valentine’s Day Treat

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I’m a simple whore, really. Other women demand jewelry, roses, glitz and glamour but not I. I have a rather simple and easy request for Valentine’s Day. All I want is to be fucked hard by thick black cocks in all my holes, a nice 8-ball of coke and cum filled holes. What a nice treat right? The right cuck to make my Valentines wish come true would get his own special treat! Can you guess what it is? What is a better treat than licking my sopping wet, cum filled ass and cunt? Wouldn’t you just love to have a mouth full of multiple loads of black guys’ cum, oozing and dripping into your mouth? A hot gang bang whore like me would have plenty of cum for you to lick clean out of me if you fulfill my simple request. I know you have a full line of black guys just waiting to pump my tiny white girl holes with cum right?

Gaping Anal Whore

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My perky ass is perfect for taking multiple thick, huge cocks! A neighborhood whore like me loves having all the husbands and their well-endowed teen sons over to fuck my ass like the dirty bitch I am. I’m never satisfied with just one average sized cock. I need as many thick long cocks as I possibly can! A good whore like me loves the feeling of my asshole constantly gaping and filled with loads of cum. I need to keep myself constantly stretched out by taking massive amounts of massive cock. And when I’m not, I keep my ass plugged up with the biggest anal plugs I can get! I’m obsessed with being a gaping wide anal whore! Only the best and biggest cocks get to have a chance of filling my wide ass with their creamy thick cum! No pathetic shrimpy cocks are allowed! Do you think you even have what it takes?


Kinky Ageplay Chat

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I love being a kinky whore and exploring new kinks is always fun! Ageplay is so hot and fun. I’d love to be your young hot whore and have you corrupt my little mind and body, daddy. Ageplay is so naughty and dirty, it makes my cunnie so wet thinking of all the ways you and I can play. I say we have a fun sleepover where you can pull off my nighty and play with my young wet cunnie. Better yet, why don’t you show me how to suck on you like a yummy lollipop, I love the way you tickle and choke the back of my throat! My cunnie gets extra wet when you sit me on top of you and bounce me up and down like a cowgirl. Do you want me to be your naughty little princess? I love when you give me rough bare bottom spankings while you fuck my tight little cunnie and rosebud! What kinds of kinky things will we do, daddy?

Fuck My Used Cunt

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The best thing about being the neighborhood whore is the ability to have a cunt full of cum every single day!! I love having my creamy whore pussy filled to the brim with multiple loads of milky thick cum! My neighbor Kevin loves fucking my used dirty pussy when I am filled up with loads of cum. I always invite him over after being gangbanged by multiple black cocks. He gets so hard and turned on when he sees the creamy white cum dripping out of my gaping used slit. His cock practically jumps out of his pants when he sees how many loads I have taken for the day. It feels so good when he shoves his cock inside me and I can feel all the cum just squish and squeeze out the sides of my pussy all over his cock. It makes me squirt all over his lap! Would you like to fuck my used pussy?

Good Clean Fun!

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I love taking hot soapy baths. My nice round tits look so sexy covered in soapy suds! The best thing about my bathroom is that my bathtub is seated right next to my huge picture window! That’s right, a perfect view for all the neighborhood boys! I get so hot and turned on knowing that they eagerly anticipate the moment that I step into my bathroom! Sometimes the teen boys in the neighborhood gather around in my neighbor’s backyard to catch a glimpse of me undressing. I make sure to put a good clean show for them while they stroke their cocks. I love soaping up my big perky ass and bend over for them! I sometimes bring my toys in with me and have them suctioned to the window, so I can fuck myself for them! Today, I decided to give them an even steamier performance and I suctioned two huge dildos onto the window! I made sure to double fuck my pussy and ass extra hard for those boys!

Anal Trained Slut

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I love taking thick black deep into my rosebud tight ass. But my ass is just so fucking tight. I need a nice wet gaping ass for all the thick big black anaconda cock I’d like to take! I’ve been borrowing so much money, and it’ll soon have to be repayed in ass. So, my clever loving boyfriend decided that I should start training my ass for all those hardcore gangbangs I’ll have to pay up with.

My doting boyfriend bought me a selection of plugs ranging in size to start training my tight ass. I wore them all day long and even fucked my other side pieces while the plug helped to stretch and gape my ass just in time for the next time I have to pay back with my ass.

Gangbang to Pay Off My Debts

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I did something really, really bad. I wanted to give my boyfriend the best Christmas ever and I borrowed some money from some really bad guys. My spending got a bit out of control and I may have spent more and more and tried covering it up with borrowing more and more… Sure enough, it’s time to pay up and I don’t know how to come up with the money! My boyfriend is just going to have to find out tonight because I just received a call from one of my debtors and if I don’t have the money to pay up, I’m going to have to pay up with my holes!

Before I could even tell him, what happened, the doorbell rang and in came the five men I had borrowed money from! They wanted payment and they wanted it now! My poor boyfriend had to watch as they tore my clothes off and began making me choke on their huge cocks. I love my boyfriend so much, but having these men take my mouth and force their big cocks down my throat made me so wet!

The men sure made me pay for it by shoving their thick hard cocks in my tight ass and pussy! They gangbanged my holes and left me dripping wet. They savagely fucked me, and I couldn’t help but look at my boyfriend and moaned as he watched me get fucked so hard! By the time they were through with me, my holes were gaping and leaking fresh hot cum! I squirted all over their cocks as they pumped me full of cum.

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