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I cannot even get off without having both fuck holes savagely stuffed with juicy black cocks! I thought I hit the jackpot when I got new neighbors across the street! A yummy dark chocolate daddy and his hot light skin friend. I just couldn’t help myself, I needed those thick cocks inside of me immediately! I invited them over for some cake and soon enough, they had me completely naked and sliding up and down on their thick fucking cocks. My holes needed a good stretching. These big black horn dogs had my little body thrown about, they made me their personal fuck doll. They used my throat to force their juicy anaconda cocks down until I gagged and slobbered all over their cocks and balls. After all, sluts like me love hardcore double penetration! Nothing is better than getting spit roasted by a couple of hot negroes on a friday night! Not even my husband gets my pussy gushing this much!

Bondage BBC Whore

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I love being dominated by real men! And the only real men are thick dick black men. I love being used up and fucked by a dark chocolate veiny cock. I love submitting to those juicy cocks. When my boyfriend is at work, I like having my big black come over and bend my little lily white ass to his will. He loves to tie me down spread eagle with that bald pink wet cunt exposed. He always toys with me at first and teases me with his juicy fat cock. I get so turned on when he rubs that pre-cum covered black mushroom head all over my cheeks. I love to beg for that cock! He finally relents and stuffs his thick dick down my throat and throat fucks me until I’m gasping and gagging like the subby bitch I am. Then he’ll hogtie me like the piggy whore I am and pistol whip his black cock on my bare wet pussy until it swells and turns bright red. Finally, he shoves his thick dick deep inside my cunt and fucks me until I’m gaped and dripping his creamy load.

Black Cock Coke Whore

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I have gotten in over my head with my vice. I have been so addicted to coke that I have racked up quite a debt with my dealer and all his friends. I have been sucking their black cocks for an occasional bump or line but it is not enough. I need more. An 8-ball isn’t even enough anymore. My poor white boyfriend had no idea how much debt and coke I’ve gotten us into. Not until today. I finally told him that I needed to pay up. He was so mad, he called up my dealer and told him to bring all his black homeboys over. I was so confused, I don’t have the money to pay right now! My boyfriend told me I won’t be needing money. Because I’m going to be paying in pussy. All six huge black guys came into the living room and began ripping my clothes off. They plunged their huge black veiny cocks into my fuck holes and stretched me out real good! I realized just how much I loved getting gang fucked by them and I started getting so fucking wet! They shot their cum deep inside my holes.

Size Queen

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Size has everything to do with whether or not I have a good time and whether or not I get off, so naturally I am really picky with the types of cocks I choose to take for a spin. Naturally, Black guys and Hispanics are my go to! They have the thickest fucking coke can cocks that a whitey can’t compete with. Honestly, anything under nine inches is a shrimp dick to me! Haha! I need a real mans cock to properly stretch me out, but every once in a while I find that unicorn whitey who is well hung and horny! My friend always brags that her husband is “black from the waist down” and I fully intend to find out if that’s the case. I’m known as the BBC size queen around here and I’ll be the judge! While my friend was out of the house, I invited myself over with a big bottle of tequila and a fresh bald wet pussy. After stroking his thigh and that bulge, I pulled down his pants and my eyes went wide. He really does have a thick huge cock! And I needed to go for a ride! He fucked me so good and fill me up with his cum, he got my stamp of approval!

Poolside Whore

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It has been getting so hot around my neighborhood, spring has sprung and so has the little shirtless hotties practicing football in my neighbor’s yard. I have had my eye on a few strapping teen boys running around getting sweaty with those thick cocks swinging in their shorts. It makes a whore like me just drip wet thinking about it! I decided that relaxing by my pool would give me a nice view of them. But I needed their attention, so I decided to topless sunbathe and let it all out. That stopped them in their tracks. They all rushed over for a chance to gawk at my perfectly tanned tits. And I agreed that they could see more if they let me see more. Win-win! I sucked all 10 of their fat cocks and pushed my bikini bottoms to the side and let those boys tackle my wet holes with their cocks. Let’s just say, they each scored a creamy touchdown in the end zone. 😉

Horny Neighbor

Kinky Phone sex

Yesterday afternoon I donned my skimpiest outfit and went out to check the mail hoping to catch a glimpse at my new hot neighbor from across the street! Sure enough he was out there moving boxes from inside the garage. He had no shirt on and I can just tell he was watching my tight little body looking into the mailbox in my short shorts and tit revealing top! I looked over at him and asked if he had a few minutes to spare. He jogged right over. “I have such a heavy bookshelf that I need to put up, can you help me?” I asked. I smirked internally knowing that his little pregnant wifey was at home. I invited him right in and offered him a nice cold lemonade. He put that bookshelf right up for me. “How can I repay you for your help?” I asked him while rubbing his shoulder. He blushed and said I didn’t have to. But being the hospitable grateful whore that I am, I got right down to my knees and stroked his thick bulge through his shorts. He instantly pitched quite the tent and I whipped his cock out. I began to stroke and lick his cock from tip to his balls tasting his yummy sweat and precum. He tasted so yummy just dripping his sweet precum into my mouth. I stripped all the little clothes I had on and he pinned me right up against the bookshelf. He fingered my dripping wet cunt then spread my perky ass cheeks apart and shoved his juicy meat stick right inside my tight rosebud asshole. I moaned and begged for him to fuck my ass so hard and deep. He pumped in and out of me so hard, his balls slapped up against my creamy wet cunt unloading his thick cum deep in my ass.


Hot Phone Sex

I’m quite the nosey neighbor, I love following up on all the sex scandals, juicy gossip and horny stories from the neighborhood desperate housewives. The best place to catch up on all the inner neighborhood chatter is the weekly PTA meetings. I don’t even have any babbling brats, but I love attending because us ladies get wasted and talk about our latest sexcapades! This week, I decided to spice things up and I brought a bottle of absinthe to really get the party started! The ladies and I got so trashed and our retellings of that week’s dirty horny stories made us all so wet and creamy! We all started pulling our clothes off and licking each other’s holes.  I guess when you put a group of horny drunk women together in a school gym, orgies are bound to happen! We ended up in a pile of naked, wet, slithering tongues and cum filled pussies! I could taste their husbands, yummy!


Family Whore

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For my birthday, my family decided to give me the best surprise present ever! I was now a young woman and it was time to be initiated as such. More importantly, my boyfriend was there to watch me become a young woman! He sat to the side of the room as my daddy, brothers, uncles- almost every single male member of my family tore my party dress off. They licked me from head to toe as I watched my boyfriend watching my family grope, rub my small perky tits and my bald pussy and ass! I got so wet watching him watching me be a filthy incest whore. My brothers licked my wet bald cunt while my uncles and daddy sucked on my puffy pink nipples. I sucked on all of their cocks nice and deep. Deepthroating my family’s cocks like an incest slut made my pussy dribble wet. My male family members shoved their thick cocks in every hole of mine! I moan and grinded my used holes all the way down their cocks, my eyes never leaving my boyfriend’s. I wanted him to see how much I love being my family’s gangbang incest whore! They filled my ass and pussy with multiple cocks, gaping my cunt wide open! I slurped on all of their precum dripping cocks while they passed my holes around and double penetrated my holes until they were gaping and sopping wet! They pounded my holes so hard while I worked my cousins and brother’s cocks begging for that creamy cum! My daddy and uncles pumped my stretched cream-pied filled holes until the cum foamed up and soaked my thighs with foamy cum! I took at least 15 shots of cum deep inside my ass and pussy! The best part and finale of this initiation was that my boyfriend was able to finish me off by plunging his cock in my used creamy, gaping pussy!

Take a Peek

Kinky phone sex

I know the whole neighborhood gets off on watching me sunbathe naked in my backyard. The truth is, I get off knowing every boy, man and even woman sneak a peek at my hot, tan naked body. The best part of knowing that I am being watched by multiple people is that I can give them a show whenever I feel like it. And today, I was feeling extremely show boaty! As soon as I sauntered into my backyard in nothing but a tight summer dress I felt eyes on me! I slipped that dress off nice and slow and made sure to bend over exposing my holes. I took it up a notch laying in my lounge chair pinching my nipples and rubbing my wet used cunt. I love getting on my knees on the lounge chair so that my holes are nice and visible for everyone to see. My fingers plunging away at my wet cunt and stroking my throbbing pussy. My fingers were so drenched with my pussy juices that they easily slipped into my asshole. Fucking my ass and pussy with both hands made me squirt all over the chair.

Kinky Whore

Kinky phone sex

Everyone has their dark kinky side. I may look like the trophy whore next door, but I promise you I have an even kinkier side. Whole gangbangs are fun and all, but sometimes I want something darker and kinkier. Sometimes I want to be chained up and fucked like a submissive whore. I love to be used like a little slave slut and forced to suck cock with my hands cuffed behind my back. I don’t mind being spat on, choked or whipped into submission. Your wish is my command. I want you to use my holes as you wish and make me your cum guzzling dumpster whore. Put me down on my knees and show me my place! Abuse and use my tight body! Why don’t you tie me up and invite your friends over to have their way with my body, make me their free use slut. I want to be passed around like your dirty fuck toy. Make them stretch my mouth, cunt and asshole. I want to be left welted, gaping and dripping with cum!

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