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Gaped and Ready

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I love getting my asshole stretched and ready to be used by S. He loves when I prep to be used by his enormous yummy cock. He is lucky to be the only white cock that my holes enjoy. I am his little fuck slut and subby whore. S wants my holes wet, gaped and ready for him whenever he sees me. I get my fuck hole ready for him by wearing a big thick plug all day every day. Sometimes he teases me throughout the day and calls to get me all hot and bothered while I am working. His hot voice instructing me to wiggle around in my chair to feel that thick anal plug twisting inside my juicy rosebud. Once work is all done, I can’t wait for S to get his hands all over me and rip of my clothes. His meaty white cock gets my pussy so fucking creamy and tingly. I love having him ram my rosebud asshole with his juicy cock, filling me up with his thick cream.

Wedding Night Gangbang

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Denise and I have had a bit of a rivalry in the past over our favorite caller, Kevin. We both love talking to him about our dirty sexcapades and getting off with him is so much fun! We finally decided to settle our differences though, the jealousy was too much! Kevin can have us as his hot, slutty sister wives until the end of time! Denise and I decided to celebrate our upcoming nuptials to Kevin with the best way that we know how. We decided to celebrate our upcoming nuptials the night before with a proper bbc gangbang and family fuck fest! The best of both worlds to celebrate us on our special day! Denise and I obviously filled the guest list with so many male family members and well-hung black guys! We were so happy to get together, we instantly helped each other strip down naked right in front of everyone! Denise and I made sure to help each other pop molly and coke into each other’s wet fuck holes! We definitely put on quite the strip show for our guest because all of them instantly got their cocks so fucking hard for us. We both wanted to walk down the aisle oozing cum! Denise lubed up my asshole with her tongue as our black cock guests made sure to get those huge black cocks out for us and bend Denise and over and thrust their thick fucking cocks in all of our dirty fuck holes. Denise even giggled as I got double stuffed in my fucking asshole! Our family members got hard watching us and we figured since they paid for the wedding, we should let daddy and all of our brothers and uncles join in and fuck us so hard! Needless to say, Denise and I left cum puddles all down the aisle!

Hottest phone sex

Hottest Phone Sex

Hottest phone sex

The hottest phone sex always makes my cunt dripping wet, I hate these sissy pansy ass motherfuckers clogging up my lines. I want a big dick savage to pound me into submission. My all-time favorite caller S, knows how to dominate me in the perfect and most sexiest ways. He knows all the right things to say to get my pussy dripping wet from pleasure. I can’t resist playing with myself while we are on the phone together, I love when he tells me what to do and he loves talking about how he is going to pound me with that thick big 10 inch cock. I want him to make me his little bitch fuck toy. My cunt gets so fucking wet thinking of him pinning me down and fucking me until I squirt all over his big juicy dick while he spanks my bare ass and wraps a tight hand around my throat. I dream of being his perfect subby whore. <3

Trap Queen

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Sadly, my loser boyfriend Kevin has been lacking in finding multiple thick cocks for me to fuck while he is at work. He thinks a measly 5 guys a day is enough but to me, it is a fucking bore. I already told him that I need at least 5 guys an hour to be fulfilled. You would think that he would understand just hot cock crazy I have been, I told Kevin that I have three voids that need to be constantly stuffed and fucked and leaking cum in order to be satisfied. So, I left him high and dry. Turns out Kevin is a smart cookie and tracked me down to the ghetto-est trap house in the city. I decided to become the trap house fluff! I didn’t even care about charging for my sevices at all. A dirty fucking cock obsessed druggy whore like me is glad to be the trap house cum bucket for free. Kevin found me leaking and oozing so much cum. I told him I had finally got exactly what I fucking wanted. It was only noon and I already had dozens of cocks unload their hot sticky cum in my holes. Kevin already knows how much of a size queen I am and luckily these druggie customers are well hung as fuck. These fucking cocks are bigger and thicker and better than Kevin of course! I told him I would never be with him again and I am destined to become the best druggie slut and breeder! And just to demonstrate my point, my next round of well hung gang bangers came in to show Kevin how a slut like me needs to be satisfied. They pumped my already-cum-filled holes and triple stuffed me with their cocks while I moaned and told Kevin ta-ta!

Looking to Get Fucked Hard

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My appetite for cock has increased tenfold! No matter how many times I masturbate, even if it is all day, I still need a thick black cock to get me going. I swear I have a couple of voids that need to be filled and they need to be filled with a juicy pringle can thick dick. I just had to figure out a way to remedy this insatiable craving for juicy thick black mushroom heads, veiny shafts and thick cum filled balls. I took my horny ass to the computer and put out an ad. Sure, I could charge a bunch of hot, thick cock black guys to come fuck me, but to really make sure that I can get as many as possible, I put my holes up for free. In fact, I added my address to the post and sure enough, my front door practically had a line of black cocks waiting to get a chance to wreck my fuck holes. That is the power of the internet apparently. My pervy neighbor Jason couldn’t help but notice the line of black men making their way inside to fuck me silly. Turns out, he wanted to see the show and that cuck boy somehow made his way into my house and watched as loads of black horny guys ran a train on my stretched out holes. With his little pink dink in his hand and his cucky gaze, Jason jerked himself silly while watching me get my guts rearranged by real men with their ten to eleven inch chocolatey cocks. I was too enthralled by the number of anaconda dicks taking turns with my cum filled holes to even notice pitiful ass Jason watching the whole time! He must have really enjoyed the show because when it was all over, he begged- on his hands and knees- to lick and slurp all the cum from my gaping, oozing fuck holes.

Anal Training Nina

Anal Phone Sex

My best friend Nina has finally come to the dark side! She told me that she loves dark chocolatey cock just as much as I do. I could not wait to get her little white girl holes stretched out and prepped to take those huge man dingo cocks. I called her over and made her get on her hands and knees while I spat and rolled my tongue on her tight fuck holes. I started off with my normal white cucky sized dildos and then worked her fuck holes with bigger and bigger big black cocks! Poor Nina has never felt how a real cock feels inside of her rosebud ass or pussy. She needed much better anal size whore training so I decided to call up five of the biggest black guys in my little black book to help gape her little white holes with those big black mushroom heads! I forced her throat down on those long thick dicks and made the bitch slobber all over them, lubing them up with her spit. They all fucked her tight holes until they were wrecked and dripping cum

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Stuff My Fuck Holes

Anal Phone Sex

I cannot even get off without having both fuck holes savagely stuffed with juicy black cocks! I thought I hit the jackpot when I got new neighbors across the street! A yummy dark chocolate daddy and his hot light skin friend. I just couldn’t help myself, I needed those thick cocks inside of me immediately! I invited them over for some cake and soon enough, they had me completely naked and sliding up and down on their thick fucking cocks. My holes needed a good stretching. These big black horn dogs had my little body thrown about, they made me their personal fuck doll. They used my throat to force their juicy anaconda cocks down until I gagged and slobbered all over their cocks and balls. After all, sluts like me love hardcore double penetration! Nothing is better than getting spit roasted by a couple of hot negroes on a friday night! Not even my husband gets my pussy gushing this much!

Bondage BBC Whore

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I love being dominated by real men! And the only real men are thick dick black men. I love being used up and fucked by a dark chocolate veiny cock. I love submitting to those juicy cocks. When my boyfriend is at work, I like having my big black come over and bend my little lily white ass to his will. He loves to tie me down spread eagle with that bald pink wet cunt exposed. He always toys with me at first and teases me with his juicy fat cock. I get so turned on when he rubs that pre-cum covered black mushroom head all over my cheeks. I love to beg for that cock! He finally relents and stuffs his thick dick down my throat and throat fucks me until I’m gasping and gagging like the subby bitch I am. Then he’ll hogtie me like the piggy whore I am and pistol whip his black cock on my bare wet pussy until it swells and turns bright red. Finally, he shoves his thick dick deep inside my cunt and fucks me until I’m gaped and dripping his creamy load.

Black Cock Coke Whore

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I have gotten in over my head with my vice. I have been so addicted to coke that I have racked up quite a debt with my dealer and all his friends. I have been sucking their black cocks for an occasional bump or line but it is not enough. I need more. An 8-ball isn’t even enough anymore. My poor white boyfriend had no idea how much debt and coke I’ve gotten us into. Not until today. I finally told him that I needed to pay up. He was so mad, he called up my dealer and told him to bring all his black homeboys over. I was so confused, I don’t have the money to pay right now! My boyfriend told me I won’t be needing money. Because I’m going to be paying in pussy. All six huge black guys came into the living room and began ripping my clothes off. They plunged their huge black veiny cocks into my fuck holes and stretched me out real good! I realized just how much I loved getting gang fucked by them and I started getting so fucking wet! They shot their cum deep inside my holes.

Size Queen

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Size has everything to do with whether or not I have a good time and whether or not I get off, so naturally I am really picky with the types of cocks I choose to take for a spin. Naturally, Black guys and Hispanics are my go to! They have the thickest fucking coke can cocks that a whitey can’t compete with. Honestly, anything under nine inches is a shrimp dick to me! Haha! I need a real mans cock to properly stretch me out, but every once in a while I find that unicorn whitey who is well hung and horny! My friend always brags that her husband is “black from the waist down” and I fully intend to find out if that’s the case. I’m known as the BBC size queen around here and I’ll be the judge! While my friend was out of the house, I invited myself over with a big bottle of tequila and a fresh bald wet pussy. After stroking his thigh and that bulge, I pulled down his pants and my eyes went wide. He really does have a thick huge cock! And I needed to go for a ride! He fucked me so good and fill me up with his cum, he got my stamp of approval!

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