serenity means calm!

Mistress phone sex

my name is supposed to mean calm. Ha! I am totally the opposite

I love all the older men I take care of, and that’s why I love taking care of the men who call me on the
sugar baby phone sex lines. They send me presents and always take care of me, and that’s what I love.
When someone sends me a gift from my wish list, it’s almost like I feel them licking my happy little cunt!
I have a lot of sugar daddies in my neighborhood.
Their wives don’t know!
Can you blame them? All six of my sugar daddies have wives so full of basic bitch bullshit they don’t
have any time for their men. Their husbands love a tight little sugar baby like me, with a hot, young cunt
always ready for their cocks.
They love that I never say no to them. Do they want to fuck my mouth and pump their yummy cum right
down my throat? No problem.
Do they want to fuck my tight teen cunt until I’m screaming? Until their cum drips all over my thighs? No
problem. That’s what a sugar baby is for!
Do they want to shove their thick man-meat right past my little puckered asshole and fill my ass with
their nice, hot cum? No problem at all.
I give my sugar daddies what they need and they shower their happy little slut with gifts their basic bitch
wives wish they could get.
I wonder what sugar daddy I’ll talk to tonight on the sugar baby phone sex line. I know he’s going to be
generous, and I know I’ll never refuse him, no matter what he wants! I am the perfect teen whore!

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    • trey on April 23, 2021 at 6:57 pm
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    i want to fuck you calmy

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