Youve been served

Kinky Phone Sex

I’ve always had the stares from bitches so I always made it worth my while ANYWHERE that I was. I put on a little and oh I do mean little school girl. I walked into the school to the principal office. He was so excited told me to make sure to lock the door behind me. I did as I sat my bag on the intercom button. I began to dance and was throwing money at me. After that, I dropped to my knees and had to suck his cock. As I’m sucking his cock I demand that he better not nut. He says yes ma’am because he knows what time to is. I get on him and I begin to fuck him and fucking him good. He is moaning hard and I believe he is enjoying it by the way the secretary is banging on the door. I keep fucking him and I tell him to nut all over my face he does just that and as I begin to wipe off my face and I tell him you’ve been served. Your wife wants a divorce bitch.

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