Wild thoughts

kinky phone sexWhen I got home from my interview, I called one of my fuck buddies for some kinky phone sex. It wasn’t hitting the spot for me, I just was thinking about my new boss and thinking about how hot it was going to be to work for them. I had a ton of wild thoughts racing thru my head. I liked the idea of breaking him and using him. I knew I was going to be the best nanny ever. I grabbed my toy sucked on it and started to fuck myself with it. I was dripping wet thinking about that big daddy cock. I was going to be trouble alright. Who doesn’t love a hot blonde who brings some excitement? I was already thinking about all the fun things I was going to do and how I was going to be a spoiled slut for daddy. He must have been eager for me to start because when I left, I got a text immediately from him. I’m pretty sure I roamed his thoughts all night too. My biggest turn on is fucking in a married couples bed. I just want him to fuck me raw while his wife is away for brunch or some dumb charity event. I have some things in mind with this one. 

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