Who Wants to Toss My Salad?

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Lately I’ve been thinking about combining my love for fucking with my love for eating. I decided to set up my tripod in my kitchen, put on some sexy lingerie, and grab some cock-like veggies and have a little fun. I had these huge carrots and zucchini that I grabbed from the farmers market. I imagined how good they’d feel being thrusted in and out of my bald, wet pussy. My fresh, sweet pussy juice was going to taste amazing on these fresh produce. I pressed the record button and started filming. I fucked my raw veggies in my hot striped two piece. I worked my garden fucktoys in and out of me until my pussy squirted it’s sticky juices on my counter tops. I licked my sweet juices off one of my long, thick carrot sticks. My pussy made the best salad dressing I ever tasted. I finally figured out a way to eat all my veggies and to fuck them too.Bald shaved pussy

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