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College girls phone sex

I love you. I don’t know what to do without you here with me. I know your father; he hates that we’re together it seems like he wants me all to himself. I don’t understand why your father hates me so much, what should I do to win him over? Well, tonight is the night when I’m going to try to talk to the man who I hope becomes my father-in-law one day. I’m so nervous I’m afraid because I don’t know what to say it’s hard to try and get someone who doesn’t like you to open up. I walked into Daddy’s office, and I told him that I would do anything to get him to like me. I told my boyfriend’s dad that I wasn’t bad at all; if he only gave me a chance, I’d show him I was worthwhile. He told me to sit down; he was vague and emotionless. He looked at me; oh, he said to me that I was just one another pretty girl that is son is sowing his Wild Oats with. He said soon I would be gone just like all the other cute girls before me. I like I said why don’t you give me a chance then, he cut his ass so deep I thought I was going to start bleeding. He said, would you doing anything to make me like you. I responded, Yes, I would do anything. He will close to me; he put his hands on my shoulder. He started massaging me; then he ran his hand down to my breast. I couldn’t move. I was stuck, but I liked it. He squeezed my nipples, and I squeeze my breast. He got down on his knees he put his hands up my dress he pressed my pussy. He looked in my eyes, and it said, what you do anything? I responded, Yes, I would do anything.

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