P-mommy Echo

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A true P-mommy doesn’t care what age her little offspring may be. For me I like to break them in pretty early. The younger the better. I  broke my youngest little whore with the neighbor next door. I knew he was into my little titty milk drinker when he kept staring at her. I have that instinct so  I knew instantly he was a P-daddy. I could see it in his eyes that he wanted my baby girl’s sweet tight innocent little cunny. Like the true P-mommy I am I invited him over for dinner and winked to let him know we are both on the same page. When he came over I had my little soon to be whore laid on her tiny little blanket. She had nothing on. He started to caress her little gem with one finger. I lend back and began sucking his cock getting it extra hard so I can see him rub it up and down that tiny little hole on my off spring. He grabbed my big p-mommy tits and caressed them. My pussy was so fuking wet. We both climaxed so hard that night. That was the first time I introduced my tiny little slut to what her destiny will be. I have so much to tell. We have had countless Little girl sex phone stories since then.

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