We robbed him

kinky phone sexMe and this other guy that loves to party decided to rob this rich dude the other day. Don’t feel bad for him tho for real he was a prick and he deserved to get got like that. The old fag liked to party with us and he would suck my son’s dick while my friend fucked him up the ass and the whole time he would be whining about how he was gonna go to hell for doing it. He seriously was like the most annoying man on the planet I swear! So anyway we went over there like usual but we slipped a couple roofies in his drink and when he passed out we took all his drugs and all his money and even some of his clothes and jewelry and shit. We left him there in the hotel room naked as the day he was born with no clothes no shoes and no money. Oh well he wouldn’t be calling the cops cus he knows I have pictures of him with my son and he sure don’t want those to get out!

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