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One of my callers wanted me to find the perfect little virgin for him to bugger and deflower her backdoor. I told him I had the perfect girl for him to fuck. She was one of the little sweeties I tutor on the weekends. Her parents are real holy rollers and I guarantee that this girl has never even seen or heard of a cock, much less had one in her ass. I was over tutoring her with her spelling when I called my client and invited him over. I told her he was a special friend and he was here to play a game with us. She was so innocent and naive, she bought it right up. I had her take her panties off and stick her ass in the air for this special game. Her bare ass looked so yummy sitting there waiting for a cock. I spread her tiny little cheeks and started to lick her rosebud and get her nice and wet for his big cock. Once I had her asshole all lubed up with my spit, I took the head of his cock and guided him inside. She squealed and moaned as he rammed her tight ass, but I told her that this was all part of the game. By the time he was done, her teeny little asshole was all stretched out and gaping with a trickle of cum leaking from it.

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