Used Up Date

Mutual masturbation

When my date and I got to his place, he came up from behind me kissed my neck, grabbed my tits and my ass I could feel his cock poking at me. I go down on my knees and pull his throbbing dick out and start sucking it. I push it deep down my throat while I play with his balls, he turns around and my tongue went straight to his ass. I licked it good while stroking his cock, it had me rock hard. He then tells me he wants me to undress, with a surprised look in his face he touches it and slowly starts stroking it. I kissed him and told him to suck it, with hesitation he stuck my cock in his mouth and slowly licked it and sucked it. I was already leaking pre-cum so I know he was tasting me; I could tell he had never sucked a dick before but he was doing it well had me so hard and ready to pound his ass. I got behind him and kissed his neck, while stroking his dick and playing with his balls I then rubbed my cock head on his ass and I can feel him tense up. I told him it will only hurt for a bit but then will feel so amazing I am going to make him cum all over like he hasn’t before. I spit on the head of my dick and before he could move, I stuck it right in his ass. I covered his mouth so he couldn’t scream and I just pounded him hard I could feel his ass opening up for me, so I stroked his cock while I kept going deeper and harder. He started moaning louder and louder and I could feel he was about to bust all over, so I went hard using him as my fuck hole. I kept going harder and harder until I felt the tightness in my balls and I burst my whole fat load off cum deep inside his ass. 

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