Ultimate deal

group sex

I had a long day at school and didn’t want to deal so much with the rugrats. Luckily the girls were away with the parents, but I had to take care of young Tommy. Tommy was always in my business and had a massive crush on me. I knew it was going to be hard to get him to go to bed early. Tommy was not quite a tot but not yet a man. I knew he was in between stages and was late on the bases. I heard him talking to his dweeb friends on how he kissed me and played with my holes. I thought I had gotten him to bed when I was having a full on the convo about group sex and hitting the bong. I rarely ever get some in my system but today was a day I needed it more than anything. A little maryjane and some company from my dildo were all I wanted. I panicked when I saw Tommy right in front of me with his jr. cock hard as can be. I knew I had to fix the situation. I had to bribe the brat, or I could say goodbye to my job. I agreed I’d let him watch as I rub one out and I would even make him feel up on me, and I would honor his fantasy of getting me to kiss him and his dick.

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