Treat Them Like Adults and They’re Yours

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I like to fuck with so many single dads because they have boys and girls that have never been shown how to juice their junk and have never had little boy or little girl phone sex, before.  I love being their dad’s perverted girlfriend and, so far, every last one of those broken home having brats loves that their pop picked me to be his cum filled companion.  Want to win over a guy, you gotta get in good with his brood.  I got that shit down to a science!

Teens love to be treated like adults, even though we all know they definitely aren’t.  We all remember getting a few years under our belts and feeling like we knew more than the grown ups trying to guide us through life.  I just play to all of that, treat my man’s little guys and gals like they’re already of age.  Talk to them like they’ve actually seen some stuff and been around the block a time or two when the simple fact of the matter is they aren’t even allowed to leave their street, yet.  It might sound a little too easy, but that’s really all it takes.  That and a little bit of balls! 

Make them believe you think they are on your level, throw in phrases about how their parents don’t treat them like adults accompanied by a warm touch on the shoulder or hand.  After that, I simply wait for my moment.  I let their dad get a little too drunk and pass out or go to the store to pick up something he forgot or just wait for him to go to the bathroom for a shit, shower and shave, then I make my move.  Those touches move closer and closer to their crotches until, before they can even think about wanting to say no to me, I’m four knuckles deep in a tight virgin cunt or have an immature bone leaking precum into my hand.  After that, they’re mine.  Little guys like sharing an adult secret with me and knowing that I’ll make them jizz it just like I do for their dads and I love taking the virginity from each and every one of them.  Works out perfectly. 


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