Mutual Masturbation Sessions Ends With Me Squirting All Over

Mutual Masturbation


I love getting you off. I want to jerk your cock until you cum. Play with my pussy while I jerk your cock. Feel how wet it is for you, baby. Rub my clit while I rub the tip of your cock. I can already see the precum dripping from your cock. I spit in my hand to lube up your cock some more, sliding my hands up and down your shaft. I beg for you to finger me and you stick two of your fingers in my cunt. The way you finger-fuck me makes me so wet and so horny. I don’t want you to stop. I want you to go faster and faster while I jerk your cock faster. My pussy is dripping wet and your cock is throbbing in my hand. I lick my finger and rub my nipples, which makes you even harder. I beg for you to use more fingers inside me and moan even harder as you finger me, filling up my pussy. I want to make you cum while I squirt for you all over the couch and the floor. Don’t stop, baby. I’m going to cum! 

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