The tables were turned

Orgy fantasies


I have never had an issue coming on top of every situation I put myself in. I usually go in and get the job done. It’s never really a miss for me, but it can’t always be rainbows and sunshine and butterflies. I have had my fair share of not too pleasant events. One of the vilest experiences that left me feeling like a worthless whore has to be hands down when I was a nanny for the Arthurs. I got the gig and quickly garnered the attention of the patriarch of the family.

I would get much more than my nanny duty payments. I was enjoying the benefits of being a live-in nanny who got to fuck her boss for extra cash. One day I was called up to be let go. The boys were too old for a nanny that was his explanation to me. I could care less about staying the nanny I just wanted that 10k I would get every month just for being the nanny fuck slut. I broke down in tears hoping he would change his mind. I panicked and told him I would destroy his life and let his wife know. He went out of the room and brought her along. I was put on the spot to tell her myself. It took me a couple of minutes to come out with it. I was filled with anger when she started to cackle.

She knew the whole time. She was okay with it. I felt humiliated but I knew I had plenty of footage that could ruin their family business. For one fucking the nanny won’t be a good look at the chambers of commerce or the polo club. Forget about the country club they would all have their memberships revoked. Especially with their views on specific world issues. When I was reaching to ruin them this way they laughed some more. The wife handed a chip over to the husband, and he let it be known that I was on fucking camera one of the youngins. If you don’t like the orange color strip down whore!. I had finally been one-upped. The Arthurs knew about my agenda from another close family friend who I had burned. They knew the moment they hired me and just wanted me to be the sex slave pet. I stripped down, and I was ordered to make their family orgy fantasies come true.

They made me fuck myself with a big black dildo. Then, I had to give him a rim job and a tongue bath. I had to pleasure his wife, and all three youngins screw me over too. After hours of torture, I was thrown out without pay and feeling like a real loser slut.

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