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My name is Katlina and I am known in my small town to be the naughty freak that I am. I have fought many wives because their shady husbands just can’t keep their eyes and hands off me, when I am at the local bar at night. I have been banned from 7 bars in the past 2 months. They call me the ball drainer, I am known for milking these men of cum. I do not know why their wives just don’t let me train them so they can learn how to fuck like me. It seems these men are at my house more than they are at home. Why blame me? I am just a naughty slut who loves getting fucked. It’s not my fault I look this good and am able to suck cock with no gag reflex. From the experience I’ve gotten I will never marry. Who wants to fuck on the same dick for the rest of their lives? I would much rather have 5 cocks at once, never mind 1 that I am committed too! Come fuck me perv.

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    • Dave on November 11, 2021 at 9:14 am
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    Drain my balls with that whore mouth

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