The Kind I Like


Group sex

Daniel was a naval officer station off of the coast of Southern California. One night he and his cute friend decided that they would show up at the bar that I happened to be at. As Daniel and his buddy, Jacob sat at the bar they noticed me. I peered at them and their so alluring bodies. At one point I even saw that they were looking at me well I was lusting over them, so I decided to walk over to them and introduce myself. I was wearing a sheer black shirt that accentuated my beautiful Double D’s. I also had on a tight skirt that was super short and hugged my ass like a balloon. I went right up to those naval officers, and I struck up a conversation with them because my husband was really getting on my nerves being so distant and unattentive. I was super disappointed that my husband wasn’t the man that I needed him to be so Daniel and his buddy told me to sit with them they said we would have a good time drinking and sharing stories about our lives. I happily accepted I introduced myself and I told them that I was very grateful because I was so lonely. We sat down and chatted over drinks and snacks, we laughed and had a good time before long you couldn’t tell where the time had gone. I suddenly said that I need to be getting out of here and going to the hotel room that I rented because I just needed to get away from my nothing husband. Daniel and his friend decided that they would give me a ride which was not so far from the bar to my hotel room and make sure I made it in safe. I obliged and thanked them we all got into Daniel’s car and went over to my hotel they even walk me to the door I extended my hand out as a gesture of thanks and as I did Daniel grab my hand and pull me close to him. Daniel out of nowhere locked his lips onto mine I stiffened for a minute then I relaxed. I was so shocked, but I thought to myself what the hell and kissed him back. Daniel asked me if he could come in he and his friend I hesitated for a moment and then I said you only live once and I invited them in. As Daniel came into my hotel room, I grabbed him and gave him a long sensual French kiss of which made his cock bulge hard. I put my hand on his crotch and gave it a little squeeze then I unzipped his pants and took his big huge hard cum-filled cock out and started to stroke it. I dropped to my knees and started sucking his cock like a starved street whore. I couldn’t help but to coo and murmur about how deliciously beautiful his colossal cock was I just kept saying your cock taste so good. I put Daniel’s cock deep into my mouth before withdrawing it then I put it deep in my mouth again all the way to the balls. His friend name Jacob by the way, I’ve been standing and watching with a look utter amazement I looked his way, and I told him what are you waiting for come over and join in. Jacob got naked in a flash and his cock was already erect and dripping of pre-cum, he raised my skirt up and started to fuck me with his enormous fucking cock like he was out of control. That was just the beginning of this night I wish you were there too I would have let you in on the big fun.

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