The godfather

orgy fantasies

Orgy fantasies are no uncommon for me. One day I found out I could have my fun with a few of my friends with a special guest. I have always had a tight-knit family. I am a daddies girl, and I have a ton of cousins and aunts and uncles. My mom has always been exceptionally close to my dads best friend. My dads best friend has been like a second dad to me. It is no surprise he was my godfather. I didn’t see him for a few years. When he moved back into town, he visited me. I shocked him, and he couldn’t believe I grew up so quickly. Other things were growing, and I noticed. I found out my mom, and he had some inappropriate one on one alone time. I went to investigate what was happening. I saw my mom blowing my godfather. My dads best friend. I was in utter shock.

I kept quiet and confronted him once my mom left. I wanted to hear from him why he would fuck my mom knowing very well he wanted to fuck me. I found out they had been fucking for years. I wanted my godfathers to cock more than anything. I was going to have him baptized me all over again, and this time it would be with his cum. I couldn’t take any more waiting. I think having his cock in my ass and cunt was a dream come true. I had never been fucked so well before. After he left, we had a ton of fun phone fucks. I especially enjoy anal phone sex. No one can make me cum as he can.

anal phone sex

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