The Courtesan

Kinky phone sex

If you do not know what a Courtesan is, it is a woman who becomes the mistress of an upscale, wealthy man or woman.  Their personal whore if you will.  Ever since I was young, and saw one in a show that was on T.V. I have wanted to be one.  Of course at the time I had no clue what they did, but seeing a woman get everything she wanted and more just being with a man when he didn’t want to be with his wife struck a cord in me.  Never having to work and just being pampered looked like it would be fabulous.

Now that I know what one is and the full extent of what is involved, I am still intrigued.  Would I actually do it in real life? No.  I love my life, if I want something I work for it and pay for it myself.  Plus, being at the beck and call of another would drive me crazy!  Not to mention that you wouldn’t see that person all the time, but be expected to be there for them whenever they needed and not be able to having another in your life seems rather lonely to me.

However, being an online Courtesan?  That I could do, not a problem.  I would still have my freedom, make my own money, plus have a nice little secret relationship with someone with no strings attached? It sounds pretty perfect to me.  I would even go so far as to make sure I was available to the person for calls no matter the time.  There would have to be some sort of payment or spoiling on my behalf to make sure that happens though.  I am going to really think about how to go about this.

Just imagine being able to have my sweet voice on the phone when ever you want.  You slipping your cock into me, my lips on yours, my beautiful body yours and yours alone.  It wouldn’t’ have to be vanilla, it could be any sort of play there is.  We could be as kinky as you wanted to get.  Yes, I think this sounds incredibly exciting.  I think I would like that situation very much.

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