Tensions will arise

phone sex gamesI had been trying my hardest not to act on impulsion and start my destruction just yet. I was wearing the most conservative outfits and living up to the excellent nanny role. I had the Millers wrapped around my finger. The tots loved me, and Mrs. Miller couldn’t stop praising me. I did realize a streak of jealousy from her when I was wearing the most casual outfit ever. I guess she saw that my tight jeans were causing Mr. Miller to gaze my way while we were on a zoo trip for the youngsters. Silly Mrs. Miller if she could see all the things I wear and the things I will wear when she’s not around, and her husband is home alone with me she would croak. I was enjoying the tension there was on the trip. I played it off cool and gave an award-winning performance making the ankle biters love me even more by being the fun nanny I was pretending to be. To be honest, I can’t stand the spoiled tots. When I came back, Mrs. Miller was gone, and she was giving him the silent treatment. I noticed this was a perfect opportunity to spice things up. I rubbed against him as we were in a tight space and made him feel my body up. He got so excited I felt an instant boner. I didn’t want to come on too loud, but when we got home, I took a ton of pictures and played with my cunt a bit. I knew soon things would unravel.

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