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Mistress Phone Sex Whore Lillian Loves Her Cheating Ways

mistress phone sexMistress Phone Sex when you have your dildo out and hearing the cock on the other end madly stroking away, waiting for that moment where you both come into this world of orgasmic bliss.  Oh my, just thinking about being your mistress makes my pussy immediately start creaming up.  I know many of you have wives, tired at home, not putting out.  That’s where I am here to help those balls get drained, down to every last drop.

You can take me out and wine and dine me. We can only meet in hotels or for a quickie where I straddle your cock in the car on your break from work.  I don’t come with a lot of needs other than the one that needs to be met in between my legs.  I get it because my tight shaved pussy starts throbbing for long throbbing cocks to enter it when I have gone a day or even a few hours, without something going up that pussy hole.  The feeling of finally getting the cock I’m after and being able to feel the pressure as it goes into my vagina walls and presses hard against my cervix as we enter this forbidden territory.

When you can’t come grab me for a quick fuck, or take me on a weekend away where we do nothing but stay in between each other’s legss,  then we must and I mean must, have phone sex every time we can.  If I can’t have your cock in me, or in my mouth then I need to hear that sound of you stroking that monster and having our mutual masturbation play out over the phone so we can hear each other scream in orgasmic pleasure by the end.  If she doesn’t make you happy, I know someone who most definitely will, me.