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No limits Phone Sex Gets Down and Dirty

I love that we can have no limit phone sex without limiting our fantasies. I have a dirty dirty mind that I am always trying to bite my tongue in my real life.  Apparently it’s frowned upon to talk about how many cocks I had in my mouth or pussy at PTA meetings so having this outlet to share what a freak I am, it’s freeing.

Other places in life, we can’t share how bad we want to fuck our mommy’s and daddy’s.  I can finely talk about how wet my pussy gets when I talk about my family experiences and how hot they were growing up. And my guys can tell me about the dirty things they’ve done and on their mind.  Nothing turns me on more than a bad boy who thinks about things like I do. Kinky phone sex is so nasty and dirty that I am often changing my panties all throughout work.

What other job can you have orgasms all day and make your dirty little fantasies come to life over the phone?  When I fuck, I don’t want liimits. I want my pussy to drive my decisions and when I’m throbbing and horny, I get pretty nasty.  It’s not unheard of for me to take a guy I just met to the next room with his wife nearby and pull his pants down and start sucking his cock before I ever get his name.  I can tell when a guy is down by the look in his eyes.

I won’t apologize for loving that I’m a whore.  I love sex and love getting down with whatever. Come be down with whatever with me sometime, I promiise you won’t be disappointed. Whether it is ageplay, incest, bbc, sissy stuff,  you name it, I’m down! No limits phone sex