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Mistress phone sex

Mistress phone sexMistress phone sex for my little submissive slaves. I love having a hot pet on hand to clean my pussy, to be my toilet, to be a fucking piece of furniture! I don’t care what I do to this stupid slave. They are going to get what they deserve like it or not. I am purely superior to them and he has no idea that he’s got another thing coming. Another thing coming meaning I have a nice meaty strap on that I am going to force him to take. I am going to make him suck it like a good boy and he is going to cry and whine as I choke him on it. Making him gag and gag as I get it wet and juicy for his ass. I make him submit to me, but him in his pathetic place which is below me. He is to grovel at my fight, never speak unless ordered to do so, not allowed to cum without permission and may absolutely never say no to me! I will forever be the dominate goddess I was born to be.