Summer seductions

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Summer is quickly approaching, and it has me thinking back to a couple of summers back When denise I ended a marriage together. Well, it used to be my old boss at a tutoring center. I got involved with the head owner. He couldn’t resist me and was doing everything and anything I wanted him to do. I’d tell him to jump off a cliff, and he would,   If I’d ask him to jump he’d ask how high. Boy was he complete pushover for me.
The skies were the limit, and I loved the attention and the attentiveness of the situation. I had a couple of circumstances where I would want to test him. When I sucked him dry and got everything I wanted from him, and he was no use to me, I did something very sinister. I invited Denise over, and I told him the only way I’d be satisfied and happy is if he would be so comfortable and willing to ruin his marriage for me. So the deal was Denise, and I would give him the blowjob of his life in front of his wife.
We knew her schedule like clockwork. As soon as she came in, we had his pants down, and he was enjoying the blowy we were serving. The look on her face was worth it as Denise, and I shared that cock we started to lick it suck it deep throat it and sharing all the pre-cum. We even had an ice cream cone with his cock. Vanilla of course, 😉  We were more than satisfied. When we ruined that marriage, we just left. We couldn’t believe the idiot did it. He was no use for us, and we drained his wallet in his bank account. We never had to have anything to do with them ever again. Think we ruin ice cream for them too.

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