Sucked, Fucked, and Dumped at Phone Perverts Paradise

I Used to Strip at a Phone Perverts Paradise

Phone Perverts Paradise was the name of the club I would strip at. People would come in to watch me pop my pussy and shake my ass. When you were coming into the strip club you see me in a slutty bikinin and 8 inch pleaser heels. You were staring at this fat black ass when you heard me telling my manager I needed more money or they’re going to evict me from my apartment. As soon as I’m back on the floor you grab me and ask for a private dance. 

phone perverts paradise

I bring you to the back and remind you there’s no touching. While I’m explaining the rules you try to pull out your hard dick. Then you take out a fat stack of bills. “I heard you need rent money. Get on your knees.” I’m the exact type of desperate, dirty whore that you thought. I get on my knees in front of your white dick and wrap my hands around it. You open my mouth with your thumb and force me to suck it. Then tell me to open that mouth wide. You push that salty dick in my mouth until my nose is pressed against your stomach. 

Fuck That Face and My Tight Shaved Pussy

You hold the sides of my head and lift my head. And then slam that dick to the back of my throat. Over and fucking over again until I’m gagging and choking on that dick. Fuck my face until my tits and face are covered in slober. Then you tell me to bend that ass over and spread that ass. That black cunt looks so fucking wet. You push that horny dick into that tight shaved pussy and slam that dick balls deep. You’re fucking the shit out of my pussy. You slap and squeeze this fat ass while you fuck me. Then pull out and nut all over my booty. You leave and take the cash with you. 

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