Subby P-mommy Loves it Hard and Nasty

submissive phone sex

Seems as if my trashy P-mommy reputation proceeds me every fucking where I go. All I was trying to do was to get a small loan to fix my heater in the trailer before the winter hits. The cash loan officer took me and my brats in his private office and asked if I had collateral. Within seconds he was up with his hands up around my throat. My face spit in as he looked from me to my tranny son and my sweet little girl.” I think we could work out a cash arrangement Miz Elizabeth. Or should I say cum slut P-mommy?” He knew all my extra money goes up my nose and that I whore out that little boy and girl ass when I can. I am made to strip and give him my feet. Seems as if this p-man has a serious feet love as well.  Lifting my sons’ skirt he asked why I would make such a precious boy live as a female. He really likes a nice smooth boy’s ass stick his dick into. First, he said he would stretch little mouths and arrange payment accordingly. Also, there would be terms on that smooth bare boy dick and sweet fat cunny if I was willing. And we all know I am fucking willing to whore my slutkins out for cold hard cash and cock.

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