Step On Me!

submissive phone sex

Would you like to step on me like my Master Wes does? He is a dominate man who likes to hurt mommies like me. A slap across my face if I’m not dressed properly for him, is well deserved! He expects the sluttiest whore when I worship his big fat dick! My tits are often torture devices for his hands and floggers. It’s a good thing this blonde milf whore has plenty of tit space for his punishments. I am a pain slut and if you haven’t guessed it by now I have a master who enjoys how much pain he can give me! If only because it makes me grip my pussy hard around his cock. My bare ass is in his hands and the whelps and bruises are worth it to have that hardcore mommy fuck! My hair pulled back as he fucks me doggy style in front of his girlfriend. It is so fucking pussy wetting hot. I love the thrill of knowing she will be the next one to use this bald shaved pussy! My new mistress will make me submit to My master Wes in new and fascinating ways!

Cum and step on mommy!

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