St. Patrick’s Day Surprise For My Sissy

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I have a lucky sissy slut whose birthday is on St. Patrick’s Day. I decided to give him a surprise. I tied him up and bent him over, exposing his white man pussy. My boyfriend came in and right away I made him suck his big black cock. I watched and stroked my tranny cock as my boyfriend’s cock got hard in my sissy’s mouth. He pulled his cock out of his mouth and I shoved my shemale dick down to his tonsils. I saw my boyfriend rub his BBC right on his white man pussy. When he pushed his big dick in him, he shoved him on my tranny cock shoving down his throat more. We both pounded him using his holes like a sissy slut deserves. When I was ready to cum, I pulled my big tranny dick out of his mouth and sprayed my thick gooey nectar all over his face. Watching all that and pounding a tight hole made my boyfriend nut. I could hear in his moans he was filling him up. We finished by getting our cocks cleaned and sent him on his way home like a good fuck toy that he is.  

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    • Justin on March 26, 2022 at 10:15 pm
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    That is my kind of surprise, fuck me!

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