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All little sluts deserve a heft helping of discipline. A good hard spanking keeps your little whores in line and lets them know who is boss. That’s how I like to keep the bratty little whores that I babysit on their toes. Christie was being a mouthy little brat and didn’t want to suck a client’s big cock, so she needed to be punished. I bent her over the couch and spanked her little ass until I had left bright red handprints all across her cheeks. She was crying and begging me to stop, but I wasn’t done with her yet. She didn’t want to suck his dick, so now he gets to fuck her ass. I held her head down and pulled her cheeks apart while he slid his big dick into her tight little rosebud. He fucked her in the ass nice and hard and I made her lick my wet cunt as punishment for not being obedient. When he was done, she had an ass full of cum and promised to be a good little whore from now on.

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