Smoke and Mirrors Mommy Sex

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This P-mommy whore and her brats live in a trailer park so when there was a tornado warning we ran to the community underground shelter. Now the odd thing was it was just me and my offspring and the new hot young couple and the other Single Mommy next door. I said fuck it and lit a joint. My stash of pure was shoved up my ass hole. Well, I noticed the new hot young guy squirming and clearly his cock was hard and he was trying to hide it. I used my compact to send my girls to do some wiggling and see his reaction in my mirror. See all told, four girls and my tranny son were crowded right close to me and this couple. I pass puffed and asked him and his new bride if our little ones made his cock hard. I have no shame and said pardon me honey but if we die you man needs to at least experience some hot orgy with young ones. I whipped out his cock and blew smoke all over his 8 inches and made it jump at the hot air. She started laughing and stripping. “Now listen to you dirty cum bucket, we gave up a life of luxury to come to breed some brats and be able to partake of the young cunt and cock that is allowed to roam free here.” I was shocked but horny as fuck too. So two P-mommies a P-woman and man got to fuck and be fucked by the best cunny and big young tranny cock in the county. I fucking love tornado season! 

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