Sissy Boy

Sissy phone sex

A lot of men end up underestimating me because I just look so cute and innocent. Let’s get one thing straight though, I’m not a sub. One of my sugar daddies thought he could turn me into his little submissive teen whore, but he had something else coming. I let men spoil me and I suck their cocks and prance around in my tight little clothes and pigtails, but it’s just because they give me what I want. He tried to spank me and grab me by the hair. I called two of my friends with 12″ black cocks to come over and help me teach him a little lesson. I put him in panties and made him eat my pussy while my friends took turns fucking his ass like a little bitch. Like the little sissy he is, his cock was rock hard. No matter how hard he tried to deny it, his dick gave him away. By the end of the night I had taught him a lesson on who is in charge and made him my little black cock loving sissy!

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