Shoplifting got me in trouble

Tight shaved pussy

My stepdad was royally pist at me for swiping his credit card and going on a shopping spree. He confronted me and told me he was going to press charges. I was worried sick, and I didn’t think he was serious, but something told me to stop him. I tried to beg him and apologize, but he wanted no parts of it; he told me he was sick of me being a brat and couldn’t wait for me to go to college, but since I was such a troublemaker, I didn’t fulfill those wishes. Who knew his dislike for me was all pent of sexual energy. We agreed that he would forget about pressing charges if I molded the lingerie I bought with his credit card. Still, he wanted my tight shaved pussy, too, so I had to fuck my stepdad to keep him hushed.

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