She was so mad

kinky phone sexMy daughter was so fucking mad yesterday and all I could do was laugh. She acts like the rules have suddenly changed or something, her whole life she has had to do what the fuck I say, when the fuck I say it whether she wants to or not. Just because she wanna act all high and mighty now don’t mean that shit is gonna change! The whole reason I birthed her was to help pay for my fucking habit, she has a pussy, ass and mouth that I fucking own and if I wanna put them to work I’m gonna. Well, last night I had a guy come over with a big ass bag of coke and a wad of hundred dollar bills and he wanted to fuck her. She acted like she was gonna fucking die! Screaming and carrying on and all kinds of bullshit but I wasn’t gonna let my payday slip away. I held her down and sat on her face and let him fuck her ass and pussy till he was satisfied. She was all kinds of mad but who gives a fuck, I got what I wanted.

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