She cried the whole time

kinky phone sexI had to punish my daughter yesterday because she cried the whole fucking time this guy was fucking her and it was so embarrassing for me. What the fuck yanno? Like this guy paid for you bitch the least you could do is be grateful! But no she had to cry and whine and ruin the fucking moment for him so I decided that I was gonna send her to a man that would get her attitude straight real quick. He’s my dealer and he don’t put up with no bullshit and I knew that he would make her learn a lesson she would never forget. He beat the shit out of her and fucked all her tender little holes and the more she cried the harder he fucked her. He even invited some of his friends to join in and by the time he was done with her it was a full on gangbang. She was bloody and bruised when she came back home but you know what? He attitude was much sweeter!

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