Shave My Cunt

tight shaved pussy

Once a week I allow you the privilege of coming over and shaving my sweet cunt for me. You make quite an event out of it, don’t you? First you pamper me for an hour or so. Applying a nice body scrub and mask, followed by an application of sweet almond oil. Then we move on over to the steamy shower. It’s a big one, with lots of room for me to position myself as you remain on your knees, razor in hand.

You shave me so meticulously. Like you never wish to stop. I see the way you look at my pretty little pussy and you’re practically salivating the entire time. The way you rub the shaving butter on my cunt always feels so fucking incredible. Sometimes you get distracted and begin to play with both my clit as well as my asshole and it feels too good for me to even try and stop you.

It’s that time of week again and my pussy is ready for your undivided attention.


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